Saturday, May 7, 2016

Todd Gurley

      I've never been a football fan.  But I remember living in Tarboro, NC and hearing about a high school player by the name of Todd Gurley.
      I came across him name yesterday in reference to playing at the University of Georgia where he was a star running back.  He was even a nominee for the Heisman Trophy until he was suspended for accepting gifts.
      He's now playing for the LA Rams and is creating a legend with his talents in football.  I watched him playing on a YouTube video and he seemed almost unstoppable due to his talents in hurdling (he was also a track and basketball star in high school).  Pretty amazing to watch.  I can't remember the last time I watched a professional football game, except for maybe the Super Bowl of 2011.  But I'll have to keep a look out for Gurley because that kind of talent doesn't come by very often.
     I hope he stays honest, though.  It's so easy for players to become tempted by greed and the desire to be a "star."

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