Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sports Scandals

     It's really something how the U.S. makes such heroes out of sports figures.  But many are fallen heroes.  Consider Heisman Trophy winner, O.J. Simpson, who murdered his wife.  And who is now serving a 40 year prison term.

     At one time, I suppose these honors really meant something, but integrity disappeared long ago.  Consider Reggie Bush, who actually won the Heisman, then had to give it back after betting activities.  Sheeesh...

       Does nothing matter?  Then there is Joe Paterno, who covered up the abuse of one of his coaches, Jerry Sandusky, for years.  Sandusky is serving out a prison term of 30 some years.   His abuse of children came out around 2009.  Such a sordid tale of sports and abuse is hard to comprehend.

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