Friday, January 4, 2013

On Hope

       Emily Dickinson wrote:

"To be alive is Power
Existence in itself
Without a further function
Omnipotence enough."   Emily Dickinson

     This brief poem is about the present moment.  If we are in the present moment, there is no way to be sad!  If we are in the present moment, we keep the flames of hope alive.
     This morning I am enjoying the warm sunlight filling up my study.  I can lie down and practice the restful breathing of Qigong and the peaceful cadence of mindfulness.
     My meditation for this morning stated that:  "Today is where the past has its meaning, and where the future is shaped.  Looking far forward, mapping out my life in the future, I waste the power
of the present, twisting its circumstances and falsifying its memory.  This is an injustice to both past and present."
   My friend Maya and I talked at length about this reading.  I am thankful that  my past has brought me to this present, which is today, and to a new friend.


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