Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chris' Poem: November 19, 1983

As I was rocking you in your room tonight, little one,
I looked down at you
And then up
And then up
And saw a clear starry night and
A full moon
And I had the feeling that the
Whole universe was nodding in approval.

What I want for you...
Is that you maintain your sweet disposition.
That in being loved, you will love.
That you be kind, generous, and considerate.
I will let you choose your own path.
You will always be accepted by me, into our home.
How amazing that one so small has so much to give.
Your smile lights up my day, my life.
May you enter the world with self confidence
And hope and peace in your heart.
How glad I am that you chose me to be your mother.

I bounced you on my knee and sang to you
And you laughed with glee. What fun you are, little one!
The sun is shining brightly on this beautiful winter day.
While you napped, I took a walk by the sea,
And watched the waves lapping
Gently against the shore.
The mountains are snow-capped now.
I thought back to the many walks we took
Together before we were born.
I think of the fun we'll have as you grow older,
Walking and talking together.
May you grow to love and appreciate this place, my son.

When I was carrying you,
I often heard something within me saying,
"Be strong!"
I still hear that voice.
It was as if God was telling me to
Have faith, that all would be well.
That there was an important reason for me to hold on,
And you were the reason.

What a handsome boy you are.
Long lashes, long sensitive fingers.

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