Friday, March 24, 2017

Tree Box

Tree Box

When the ways of the world
become too much
I retreat to my Tree Box,
pull the covers up
and wait for the chaos to subside.
Above me a tree is spreading,
its limbs reaching far, providing comfort.

This, the Mother Tree,
is my nesting place,
nurturing my soul,
touching the world with its beauty,
creating homes for God's creatures.

In my Tree Box I can sit with my journal and pen
feeling the safety within,

And when I am ready,
I emerge from inside
a warrior again,
ready to confront
 the trials outside myself.

[As the desert ironwood grows, it alters the environment around itself, and creates a micro-habitat. Its dense canopy shades the ground under it, bringing temperatures down at least 15° F. Its seeds provide food for many doves, quail, and small rodents. Insects thrive in the ironwood canopy, which also attracts birds and reptiles. They make their home under and in the ironwood, providing prey for cactus owls, hawks and coyotes. ]

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