Sunday, September 21, 2014

Song for Christiana (unfinished)

The lake was still and shining bright,
when I heard a song that touched my touched my soul.
A simple song, with a lilting air,
Come listen while I sing it for you.

"Your love is extravagant."
It's purely heaven sent.
Come sit with me and be my love,
for a moment so content.

His love is extravagant
to provide this holy place
where canoers are paddling and waves are lapping
in a  peaceful_____ and _gentle_____ space.

Our love is extravagant,
So vast it knows no bounds.
A love that vanished and once was lost
Re-enters and now is found.

Voices sing as quiet as rain.
And we stand in a circle before
 Pine with screech owls and fireflies
and waves lapping by the shore.

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