Monday, August 25, 2014

What I Have to be Grateful For

The focus is once again on gratitude.  Looking back over my first summer in Durham, I'm grateful:

1.  For fun -- the Festival on the Eno, the American Dance Festival, Carolina Theater, free movies, the Full Frame -- all very up-lifting and enjoyable.
2.  The abundance of wellness meetings
3.  Much improved health care over Tarboro
4.  My church
5.  Doing my best
6.  Signing up for a water color course
7.  Having my first grandchild
8.  Finding a doctor and a dentist
9.  Finding a potential place to rehab after my surgery
10. Seeing a ladybug on my desk just now
11. It's quiet now.
12.  I thought of 3 things I like about my upstairs neighbor - she's nice, she wants to be a physical therapist, and she let me borrow 2 eggs recently
13.  My church -- did I already say that?
14. The Y at Chapel Hill
15. The awesome library system here.
16.  Isabella
17.  The Vision for You Group
18.  So much help for my move, especially brother
19,  Hoping a trip to see my granddaughter will work out
20.  Healthy food to eat
21.  The Aldi store nearby
22.  No refined sugar in 2 years
23.  Martha Joy and Ed in Boston
24.  Forgiveness

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