Friday, July 18, 2014

The great "I Am" (from Raphel Lopez-Barrentes class in the Nelson Music Room on July 17, 2014)

Six dancers crouched down,
hands on the floor,
fingers spread like
taking in the breath of life 

Left legs are stretched out behind,
right legs forward.
"Hold a cantelope,
or a tomato
in your right hand.
Let it go!
And let out the breath with
the harmonious  sound
of lah..."

Singing "lah,"
six voices form a chorus
of soft sounds.

Then voices rise in a Zambian
Chords integrate.
I concentrate 
on the sounds
that merge into
fluid movement,
creating a blessing
for this place,
or anywhere, really.

The harmony is
this space.
"Your duty as a performer
is to connect."

The sacred sound
from the heart of Africa.
The benediction.

And love.
Love the power.
give me power
and a love
a love 
a love
a love
a love 
that lasts.

IV.  Class ends and I thank Raphel for allowing  me to observe.  I mention that I hadn't done my homework by reading about him, but he's unconcerned.  He is Spanish, and gracious to allow a stranger in to experience his class.  I have no context for what I have witnessed.  But in time I will understand.

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