Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello, Durham!

     I did it!  The move is over.  I moved into my new apartment on Monday, June 9th, the day after my birthday.  Some things have been hard, missing Annie, for example.  But then again, I don't miss cleaning up cat litter.  And she's happy in her new home.

     Family were extremely helpful in getting me moved in.  Of course, I had too much stuff.  The microwave, the Duncan Phyfe table, and the round revolving table were all taken by Katie to her Sweet Redemptions store.  I may re-claim the Duncan Phyfe table.  It is REALLY old.

     Amanda preached this morning on pornography.  I thought of Carolyn and what she must have gone through.  Then it was over to Whole Foods for lunch:  Qunioa, beets. salad, cantalop.   Yum!
Dinner was at Whole Foods also.  Dinner was at Whole Foods also:  edame, beets, hummus, what else???  Went to see Chef with Neill.  Delightful movie.   Retiring now for the evening.

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