Sunday, April 13, 2014

A New Beginning

My head is spinning,
but I seem to be winning 
this journey
because I'm here!
With Jonathan Farmer, 
Nancy Peacock,
and Peggy Payne,
Kelley Starling Lyon,
the Bull City Press,
and even Santa Claus!
There will be faculty readings,
and a luncheon,
all distractions
from my project of the month,
which is to find a place to live
in Durham, North Carolina.
it finally happened.
I had an offer on my house
that's been on the market for a year.
Closing on May 24th.
Can I find a new place
in Durham?
in Raleigh?

What have I done?
Selling my home!
Saying good0bye to the gorgeous 
trees that I planted 15 years ago:
a Dawn Redwood,
an Eastern Red Cedar,
a cedar cypress,
pear and peach trees,
saying good-bye to the
male and female bluebirds 
that are building a nest in my
I will miss them!
But I also say good-bye
to high
property taxes,
low performing schools,
high poverty,
low teacher retention
and high student drop-out rates.
So I will say hello
to the Bull City,
the Star City,
and the City of Oaks.

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