Monday, September 23, 2013

Rumi (c)

We are here,

An eclectic group of people,

to share an hour together,

an hour at the library.

The professor came

from UNC

to teach

this group of kindred souls

and me,

about Rumi.

Rumi --

"Our Master"--

an enchanting poet,

writer of exquisite poetry,

who encompasses

raw, erotic, romantic,



Rumi says

we move from "raw"

to "cooked,"

to "on fire."

At the end of our lives,

we are "on fire!"

Not a bad thing!

The professor said,

The Universe "already has God's love."

It is flowing...

He said that all we need to do

"is remove the ego,

the rawness,

and when that happens,

love flows."

What a wonderful thing,

to hear these words

(exquisite words)

spoken at the Durham County Library,

to my friends and me,

on Saturday, 

September 22, 

in the year 2013.

Over 800 years,

since Rumi lived.

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