Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Gratitude

1.I'm grateful that my family came for Thanksgiving with their 2 happy dogs.
2.The kitchen is clean.
3.My mother's silver was used at dinner on Thanksgiving.
4.I didn't  have to cook a turkey.
5.I visited with my nephew, the filmmaker.
6.I had the fixings for pumpkin pie.
7.The day was beautiful and sunny.
8.So was the next.
9.There were friendly people to help at Loew's.
10.Even at Walmart!
11.I'm grateful I have a guy friend.
12.That i'm finally getting new carpet in my son's old bedroom.
13.I had seasonal napkins for meals this week.
14.I'm planning a river walk with my family.
15.I'm grateful for my
neighbor, Jeni.
16.For my house.
17.For my little great-nephew
18.For the chance to see him more often.
10.For privacy
11.For love.
12.For forgiveness
13.For being open.
14.For being generous.
15.For ignoring an insult.
16.For not
running away.
17.For skipping the gym.
18.for rest and relaxation.
19.for a marathon tomorrow.
20.for having enough
21.for classical radio.
22.for Marvin Gaye
23.and Tammi Terrell.
24.for Pandora
25.for new music
26.for keeping food simple
27.for not giving in
28.for waiting
29.for honesty
30.for ceiling fans
31.for not going back
32.for being quiet
33.for secrets
34.for peace
35.for the Y
36.for not retaliating
37.for lawn chairs
38.prayer flags
39.a new day tomorrow regrets
41.setting boundaries
42.dressing up
43.dressing down
44.for my mother and father
45.for Rockport, MA
46.for friends
47.for get togethers
48.for canned pumpkin
49.for Adam
50.and cameras
51.for farmers
52.for freedom to attend the churches of my choice
53.for curiosity
54.for medication
55.for touch
57.lavender oil
58.seeking god's will
blessing my family
60.for broccoli
61.and grape tomatoes
62.for John Steinbeck
63.and Ernest Hemingway
64.for my son and daughter-in-law
65.for the new flowers and bushes that my nephew planted on Thanksgiving
66.for not having to cook this holiday
67.for the Christmas cactus my nephew surprised me with
68.for music by the Battlefield Band
69.and Alex Cuba.
70.for my movie buddy
71.and watching The Bucket List last night
72.for the NC Writers' Network
73.for prayer flags
74/.for getting a fairly long walk in today
75.for stretches
76.Brazilian music
77.for 6 months abstinence
78.being caffeine free
79.for feeling beautiful tea
81.for India
82.that my sugarless pumpkin pie turned out great
83.for the heat from my little heater when it blows on my feet
84.for candlelight
86.feeling safe
87.feeling peaceful
88.for having enough days and nights
90.for income
91.for perseverance
92.for feeling blessed
93.God to watch over me
94.and surround me
95.and keep me from fear
96.for good books to read
97.for time
98.and patience
100.and optimism
101.I am grateful for communion.
102.for work to do
103.for the steps to take
104.for the tool of writing
105.for healthy alternatives
106.for my family
107.for the view from my kitchen window
108.for poetry
109.for moving gracefully
110.for Raleigh
 111.for my stationary bike
112.for deep breaths
113.for my health
114.for being well
115.for healthy food to eat
116.for freedom from refined sugar
117.for acceptance and tolerance
118.for relaxing and taking it easy
119.for courage
120.for freedom
121.for this statement:  "thy will be done"
122.that God is doing for me what I couldn't do for myself.
123.I'm grateful for Fran
124.Mary Ruth
127.all the beauty in my life
128.warm clothes to wear
129.Chapel Hill, NC
131.the trail group from Greenville
132.Duke University
 135.a flexible body
136.a willingness to do the next right thing
140.a warm house in my life
142.peace in my life
144.outreach calls
146.a healthy body
147.eyes to see
148.ears to hear
149.discussions at church
150.looking forward to the future
152.compassion for self and others
153.gratitude lists
154.I am grateful for exercise
155.for service opportunities
156.for having a program
157.for being relaxed
158.for enjoying the moment
159.for letting God do for me what I cannot do for myself
160.for being generous
161.for the courage to change
162.for my difficult neighbors because I'm glad I'm not like them
163.for changes happening in my life
164.for being open
165.that I have a Higher Power
166.that I'm not running the show
167.that I threw away my coffee maker
168.for the promise of a new freedom and a new happiness
169.for not regretting the past or wanting to shut the door on it
170.for my God box
171.for opportunities
172.for acceptance of what happened
173.for setting boundaries
174.for freedom to act
175.for serenity
176.for Annette
178.for a service opportunity this afternoon
179.for a clean house
180.for Christmas decorations
181.for the willingness to right my mistakes
182.for the words:  "this too shall pass"
183.for knowing the meaning of peace
184.for beauty around me
185.for courage to change
186.for the Internet so I can read other's gratitude lists
187.for taking care of myself
188.for National Public Radio
189.for willingness
190.for God's guidance
191.for acting "as if"
192.for the Promises
193.for turning over my worry and fear
194.for living in a quiet and safe area
195.for God protecting me
196.for looking my best
197.for doing my best
198.for living in the present
199.for happiness
200.for being agreeable

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