Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tangier Island Poem, July 15, 2012

The salt spray on my face,
Chatting with Mark Crockett, the boat captain,
The roar of the Joyce Marie,
The American flag waving in the breeze,
This big crabbing vessel,
(now in business ferrying passengers from Onancock to Tangier)
Choppy waters,
Staying dry,
The sailboats in the distance,
Holding on,
Richard the waterman who took me to the beach,
The long stretch of sandy beach,
The Kansas family that gave me a lift in their golf cart,
Fern Tyler, a Tangier native who took my photo on the beach,
Sand in my shoes,
No cell phone access,
Soft shell crabs at Lorraine's,
Friendly people,
Enduring friendships,
The wind to cool me,
The wind to calm me,
A safe trip back to shore.

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